Before you buy furniture...


“INTEREST FREE” isn’t FREE...Retailers pay banks to offer long-term “No Interest” financing and sometimes they pay BIG. No Interest for 60 months can cost more than 18%! The problem is: the furniture stores aren’t usually paying for that, you are! The cost of the financing is built into the selling price. Whenever you see stores offering 36 months, 48 months or 60 months without interest, remember, you may be paying for that in higher prices – whether you use the financing or not.

The LOW advertised price doesn’t always tell the whole story…Furniture stores will often advertise one item, a bed for example, at a ridiculously low price, and then sell you the matching pieces at a ridiculously high price to make excess profits. You may feel like you’re getting a good deal because you compared the price of the main item and the price at Store A is the same or lower than the price at Store B. But make sure you compare ALL the items you want (including delivery fees) to be certain you’re not overpaying for furniture.

There’s no such thing as a FREE TV…When you see stores advertise a “free” TV with a living room or mattress set notice that it’s only specific sets that qualify for the “free” TV. The prices of those particular sets can be inflated to cover the cost of the TV and it’s difficult to compare the prices between stores because the sets include different pieces. They’re not building big, beautiful showrooms by giving things away for free.

“Lifetime” doesn’t always mean Lifetime when it comes to guarantees…A quick search of the internet reveals a great many customer experiences relating to Lifetime Guarantees offered by furniture stores. If this is a feature that’s important to you, be sure you read ALL the details about what’s covered under these guarantees so you’re not disappointed should you need to make a claim.

FREE Shipping on internet orders can surprise you…When shopping for furniture online read the full details of the “free shipping.” Often the shipping that’s included in the price is just to the back of the truck in front of your house. That’s right, taking your new furniture off the tailgate of the truck and placing it on the ground may not even be included. Many furniture websites tack-on separate fees for each of the following: putting your items on the ground, carrying them to your door, bringing them inside, taking them to the room you want, removing/discarding the packaging and assembly. And, while you’re looking into the true delivery cost, be sure to read the return policy (hint: some policies are liberal as long as you pay the shipping – BOTH WAYS – which can cost as much as the item you bought).

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