We don't expect you to take our word for it that we have the best prices on Furniture and Mattresses in the entire Tampa Bay area and beyond. And we don't expect that our 110% Price Protection will be enough proof that at Highland Park Furniture & Mattress Outlet you'll find deals that can't be beat even by other furniture stores' SALE prices. We go a step further and place "Convincers" around the store to prove to you how great of a deal you get when you shop at Highland Park.

A Convincer is a screen-shot of a competitor's website showing what price the item is selling for elsewhere in the marketplace.

You'll find Convincers on items throughout our stores to illustrate what a great deal you get at Highland Park Furniture & Mattress Outlet. Below are examples of some of our past convincers on items WE SOLD FOR $99.95 or LESS.

fairm-288-00convincer.jpg fairm-s238-10convincer.jpg
fairm-259-00-convincer.jpg fairm-c2006-10-convincer.jpg